QR Codes & Black Friday, Like Peas & Carrots

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Well, Peas & Carrots stuffed with great deals!

QR Codes have had an explosion in growth over the last 18 months.  From relative obscurity to a unique and powerful addition to your media arsenal, QR Codes should be in your plans for any business on Black Friday.  Black Friday is once a year though it's incredibly rise in popularity since 2005 means businesses should be aware of this important shopping day and taking advantage of it.

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Why are they so important?

QR Codes are incredibly effective in areas where people are generally without their desktop or laptop computers.  Think hotels, restaurants, bars, car dealerships, stores, bathrooms :-), or any location where someone is truly "mobile".  Their smartphone becomes their only link to the internet and additional product information.

Best Buy has recognized this phenomenon and has put QR Codes on nearly all of their large size product labels. This means instead of just scanning the product's barcode and shopping at competitors for that information, Best Buy can control and guide the shopper to the reviews THEY wish them to see.

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People are standing in line for HOURS to catch a good deal

If you advertise with QR Codes in your Black Friday fliers - you immediately give the shopper an advantage.  They can quickly tap to get directions to your location, browse product information & helpful videos, but more importantly they are interacting with YOUR COMPANY.  

Black Friday Demitri's ShareBarcode4 QR's share easily phone-to-phone

Our QR Codes and mobile sites all feature a "Share our QR" button.  When clicked the mobile site shows the QR Code for the home page of the mobile site, allowing your shopper waiting in line to digitally share your mobile site with others.  Via the save-to-home-screen feature your shoppers can save multiple QR Codes from many companies right to their phone's home screen.  This means a permanent opportunity to live on their device and interact.

Better yet, the day before Black Friday is Thanksgiving.  This means your ad can be digitally shared with shoppers family members while conversing about the upcoming shopping day.

Which companies are using QR Codes this holiday?

Several forward thinking companies are using QR Codes - these are just some of them.


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