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Barcode4 was founded in March 2011.  Our mission is to provide small and medium business easy access to the mobile web.  With QR codes at our core and mobile phones in our hands, we took on the mission to create a service that anyone can use and everyone will benefit from.  Below are the people helping make this mission a reality.


Jonathan Freeman

Jon's Barcode4.me

Jon started developing software at 9 years old at the University of Washington Library on a shared computer.  He's a serial entrepreneur, starting four companies since he built his first web page in 1994.  He continues to this day building web and mobile solutions for other small businesses.  He's fluent in over ten programming languages and is a member of both the Microsoft and Apple Developer Networks.

Darin Byrd
Director of Quality

Darin's Barcode4.me

Darin is a seasoned QA Engineer with experience ensuring quality product releases for both large and small organizations since the late 90s.  In addition to a penchant for breaking software, Darin is passionate about new technologies, especially in the area of mobile and cloud-based computing.


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