The Top 10 Reasons To Use Barcode4

Always Up-To-Date

  • Barcode4 sites can be edited AFTER the final barcode has been generated and published.  Unlike business cards or flyers, when you barcode enable your collateral, signage, or vehicles, you are providing up-to-date information to your visitors.  Phone number changed?  No problemo!
  • You can also redirect barcode pages and create single project barcodes that you can reuse later.  For example:  Barcode a special offer coupon, and when that offer is over send visitors to a your main site or the next special you are running.

Trackable Return on Investment

  • When your site is loaded we provide proof that your advertising is working.  Unlike billboards, radio commercials, banners, and other media attempts - barcode visitors are uniquely identified by device, carrier, and date/time.
  • Our premium services allow detailed analytics on your barcode site traffic volume.

Location Based Mapping & Traffic Reporting

Location Mapping:

  • Your users can find your location and get directions with a single tap on your Barcode4 page.  This is great if your company has a common name and Google Maps just doesn't quite cut it.  Additionally use it as a store locator for where your products are sold.

Visitor GEO-Reporting:

  • Do you know where your customers come from?  We do!
    Barcode4 visitors have the option to share their location with you.  We provide zip code centric reporting that will identify graphically on a map where your visitors are seeing your ads.  This can be incredibly useful if you're looking to break into a geographic market and want to know if your advertising is working.

Competitive Advantage

  • If your advertising contains a Barcode4 image and your competitors' do not, you have an instant advantage for smart phone users to visit your site.
  • Your advertising will also stand out as being more visitor friendly.  Unlike traditional media ads with phone numbers that work only when staffed, your barcode site is selling for your 24 hours a day.

Mobile Accessibility

  • Smartphones are showing up everywhere, and not all "apps" are equal.  Your Barcode4 site is designed to be compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad, iTouch, BlackBerry, and desktop browsers.
  • As of a 2011 survey, 32% of smartphone users had already scanned a barcode with their device.  This number is only increasing and this is a prime opportunity to be different.
  • Here's a challenge - try visiting your current site on your smartphone.  Is it usable?  Is there a big "X" where your pretty Flash banners and menus should be?  That will not happen with with a Barcode4 site.

Fast & Easy Access

  • Barcode4 scanning technology has improved so that most standard phones can accurately and quickly scan barcodes.  Scanning a barcode is as simple as opening an app and pointing their device at your Barcode4 image.  Your mobile site will then load without an "app" download or complex installation procedure.
  • If they don't have a scanner, your convenient BC4.MOBI address is displayed below your image for manual entry.

Low Cost, High Value Solution

  • Developing "apps" is expensive.  The average salary for a mobile "app" developer is between $75,000 and $100,000.  Many only specialize in one type of "app" platform.  Your Barcode4 site hosting and barcode services cost less than many normal web site hosting services.
  • Additionally the cost to develop an equivalent site that you can't manage yourself could be several thousand dollars per device, not including maintenance.
  • If App Store or Marketplace registration is critical for your implementation, please contact us about generating a custom branded "App" for your barcode site that can be listed in these app stores.
  • Compared with other techniques, our visitors can see your ads for pennies on the traditional media dollar spent.

High Availability

  • Barcode4 servers are located "in the cloud".  This means that access to your barcode site will be fast and scalable should your traffic demand it.  Cloud servers are load balanced and designed for high availability at a low cost.

Integration / Social Media

  • You can stream information from your existing public web site onto your Barcode4 mobile site using popular syndication technologies like RSS and Twitter feeds.  Additionally you can add links to your existing social media presence like Facebook Fan Pages to provide a more immersive experience for your customers.

We Specialize in QR Codes & Mobile Sites!

  • Barcode4 has a rich barcode service offering for personal barcode sites and is a brand you can trust to host your business barcode needs.  Barcode4 was one of the original barcode identity sharing services and as a business customer you are joining a large base of barcode site users.
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