Vertical, Like Taking Off Before Our Eyes

Below are just a few select vertical markets where Barcode4 Mobile Sites & QR Codes have great opportunity for use. If you are in one of these markets we highly recommend that you contact us before your competitors do and take advantage of our technology.


Car Dealers, Service Stations, and other automotive industry businesses can leverage QR Codes. Whether it's an oil change reminder sticker that can now integrate with a smartphone and give live directions to your place of business, or a thank you postcard with a QR Code and special offer, the possibilities are endless.

Real Estate

One of the largest opportunities for QR Codes exists in the showing of homes. Many home search sites allow you to upload photos, but can they connect you as a brokerage or agent to those prying eyes? Our Barcode4 codes can be embedded into images as watermarks and are scan ready as small as one-by-one inch square. Out of fliers again? Your yard sign can still work if there is a QR Code on the outside of the flier box. Your potential clients don't even have to get out of their car to scan.


Health and wellness is an important topic in our every day lives. Connecting with patients via personal patient portals is coming, but for now an affordable and effective solution is right in front of you. QR Codes and mobile technology can connect your patient to your latest wellness advice right on their phone. What better connection is there than an "App" on my phone that takes me to my doctor's contact information in case of a medical need?


This category is one of the very best places for mobile technology. Whether you own a club, venue, DJ on the weekends, or have some other entertainment related business your customers are waiting. Our QR Scan Stations are perfect for a prominent display in your entryway or on the top of your DJ stand. Your visitors will appreciate the effort and quick ability to check-in on your "official" Facebook page, check out your Twitter feed, and connect with your business on their device.

Restaurants and Bars

How much does it cost to completely revise your specials menu each day? If your menu includes a QR Code, daily specials and even coupon offers can be controlled and updated behind the scenes on your web enabled mobile site. Your patrons can scan your QR Code from any advertisement and get live directions to your establishment. From your mobile site they can view your happy hour menu, see photos of what each drink might look like, and even share their favorite place (your place!) with friends via Facebook liking or Twitter mentions.


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