High Quality QR Code Stickers

Thermally Printed, Durable, QR Code Stickers

QR Code Sticker DimensionsThe #1 Rule in QR Code usage is to USE THEM.  There are thousands of possible uses of QR Codes, though many require printing the QR Code on something.  Barcode4 makes these easier by providing packages of QR Code stickers printed on high quality paper using a special thermal printing process.  This makes them very durable and naturally smear and fade resistent compared with those printed on Inkjet or Laser printers at home.

The easy remove backing lets you add a QR Code to nearly anything, such as business cards, letters, postcards, and outgoing mail.


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Convenient lots of 100 stickers per package

Minimum Quantity of 100 StickersYou can order our stickers in lots of 100 stickers to get started.  Our stickers are either printed with your destination preprogrammed in, or you can get our new Extendable QR Codes which allow you to change their destination at any time in the future.

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