Barcode4 Mobile Site Editor

Mobile Site Editor

The Barcode4 mobile site editor allows you to create a professional looking mobile ready site with no knowledge of web design.  Type your text in, add images, and create links to your Facebook, Twitter and other social media.  No matter where you web site is hosted, your mobile site will work!  You'll even get to pick your own special Barcode4 address to use in linking to your mobile site.

Barcode4 QR Stickers

QR Code Stickers

Thermally printed and high quality printed QR Code Stickers offer an amazing level of convenience. Add them to invoices, business cards, product packaging, or shipping boxes in seconds. Custom messages can be printed below the QR Code such as "Like on Facebook".

Barcode4 QR Scan Stations

QR Scan Stations

Need another way to connect with your customers IRL (in-real-life)? :-)   Use a custom QR Scan Station at your business presence or mobile event.  These stations provide an interesting way for customers to quickly scan and connect with your business.

Barcode4 Mobile Design Services

Mobile Design

Barcode4 has years of experience developing business web sites for full size browsers, QR codes and the Mobile Web.   Take advantage of this experience and check out what we can do for your business brand.  Our developers work quickly and create a quality companion to your existing site.

Barcode4 QR Code Generator

QR Code Generator

QR Codes can be generated with this simple to use QR Generator.  While the codes you create with this tool will work, we highly recommend you consider sending users to a targeted Barcode4 mobile site.

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