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Barcode4's mobile editor is completely white label ready.  This means your advertising, design, or web development business can take advantage of the incredible technology behind Barcode4 - using your own logo, your own color scheme, and even your own short-url if available.  Premier Resellers take on the responsibility of selling, supporting, and servicing customers behind this private branded reseller model.

Affiliate Sellers can sell Barcode4 mobile sites either directly or indirectly with other services they may already provide.  A good example may be a social media consultant that doesn't want to build or support a customer's mobile site need, but wants to direct them to use Barcode4.

How It Works

You'll need to fill out our Reseller Interest Form to begin. 

Premier Resellers:
Once we receive your form we will verify that your business information and get you ready sell QR Codes and Mobile web sites.  We'll exchange a few technical files with you and eventually a custom Barcode4 editor URL that is for your customers use.  A final reseller services agreement will need to be signed that covers Barcode4 and your business.  The process normally takes less than a week and you can begin directing clients to create mobile web sites.

Affiliate Sellers:
We receive your form and verify the contact information for you is correct.  We will send you informational materials related to the sale of Barcode4 mobile sites.  A final reseller services agreement will be signed by Barcode4, establishing exact commission rates and payment terms.

Pricing Plans / Commission Structure

Premier Reseller commission is 50%. 
This means for every monthly fee your clients pay, we send you a check for 50% of the gross amount of payment.  We keep the servers running and serving your clients mobile sites, while you handle the sales, support, and customer relationship.  Your customers may never even know Barcode4 is powering their mobile site.

Affiliate Sellers commission is 25%.
If you would like to sell Barcode4 mobile sites, but don't want to support clients after the fact this level is for you.  You make less but can begin selling your existing clients on Barcode4.  We can even demonstrate Barcode4 and show examples to your clients with you if a new sales opportunity arises.  If you clients select a custom development package, additional commission may be possible.


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