Barcode4 Business Pricing Plans

Competitive Pricing

Barcode4 business pricing is designed to be competitive with your existing web site hosting.  Unlike traditional web sites, the cost to develop a Barcode4 mobile site is minimal.  If you require a custom service not listed in your package, please contact us


Feature Comparison
Premium Custom
FREE Initial Setup Yes Yes
Business Contact Information Yes Yes
Custom Pages Yes
Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry Compatibility Yes Yes
Custom Barcode4.Mobi URL Yes Yes
Short "Tweetable" BC4.MOBI URL Yes Yes
Geolocation Based Services (Maps, Store Locations) Yes Yes
Direct Page Barcodes Yes Yes
General Traffic Reporting Yes Yes
Detailed Traffic Analysis & Locations Yes Yes
Android Marketplace, Apple App Store Registration   Yes
Paid By Year Pricing $299/year Call
Introductory Special (over 20% off!)
    Use code "LAUNCH" at checkout
$239/year Call
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