What is Barcode4?

Barcode4 provides businesses and individual easy access to building on the mobile web.  With our exclusive online editor you can create a mobile-ready web site in just minutes right from your desktop.  If you haven't seen what your web site looks like to mobile users you experience it.  With the amazing growth of QR Codes and other smart tags, Barcode4 allows you to directly integrate your physical and online advertising with mobile interactivity.

It is a privately held, Limited Liability Company of Washington State.

Why was Barcode4 created?

QR Codes and the mobile web has been gaining popularity with smartphone users.  People are tired of typing in web addresses only to be directed to non-mobile friendly content.  With Barcode4 you can create rich mobile-friendly web sites right from the desktop.  Each site has a unique QR Code and web address.  You can even track where and when your site and QR Code is being used.

Barcode4 operates the SITES:

  • Barcode4.com - The business arm of Barcode4, this site allows businesses to create professional online presences which advertise their products/services and link their social media, professional sites, and business contact information behind a simple, easy to scan barcode.
  • Barcode4.me - A personal mobile barcode site which allows visitors to store their contact details, social and professional networking, as well as many other identity elements "in the cloud."  Users are given an easily scannable permanent barcode that points to their Barcode4.me page - allowing quick scan-and-visit access to their details, as well as the ability to create a Connection between themselves and others.

Barcode4's mailing address is:

Barcode4, L.L.C.
PO Box 1804
Bothell, WA 98041-1804

Barcode4's GENERAL email address is:



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