Mobile, Literally.

It's hard to be humble when your car is full of androids... and iphones...

The Barcode4 Van

Van Back Quarter

Did you know? Scanning the van will net you a 25% discount on your mobile site project!


Mobile phones are everywhere. Not a day goes by where we don't see people idling about using their phones wonderful features. One of the biggest differences between normal media ads and mobile advertising is the need to be "in-front" of your customer where ever they may be. Your Google Ad campaign is useless here.

Barcode4 wanted to test this theory and purchased a large white Chevrolet Astro van specifically for advertising near our potential customers.


The Barcode4 van travels two hours per day high visibility commuter route in the greater Seattle area. Once it stops the marketing opportunity of this vehicle continues by allowing anyone passing by to quickly scan the QR Code and learn our message - by as much as 40 feet away!


By outfitting the van with QR Codes and targeted messaging, Barcode4 is seeing increased traffic to our web site as well as instant scan notification. As soon as the Barcode4 tag is scanned a text message including the visitors mobile phone type and carrier is sent to the driver. This instant "ROI" is a new feature we are testing and may offer soon.

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